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App Support

Welcome to the MyCaddie App user guide. This guide covers all areas of the MyCaddie App ecosystem including the signing up, player profiles, scoring a round. Along with in-depth guides you can find helpful quick tips that provide step by step instructions for the features you are most likely wanting to use.

Getting Started

  1. Logging In
    By creating an account, this enables you to update your local course, handicap and also store all rounds played using the scoring functions.
  2. Main Page
    From here you can navigate through the App. Your player profile, go into your selected course for more of a detailed look at the venue, start a game for scoring and also view the course guide.
  3. Player Profile
    In here you can update your player profile picture, your tees you play from and your current handicap. You can also update your account email and password if needed. Within the “My Profile” section you can change your course if required and also log out of the app.
  4. My Course
    This gives you a detailed look at the course you have selected as your home club. From here you can access club information like tee booking, latest club news, contact information and the course guide. The course guide gives you a hole by hole view and includes 3D Flyovers, GPS Range finder, hole information, live pin positions and Stroke Indexes.
  5. My Game
    This allows you to start a game in which you can use the scorecard function. You can start a new game, finish a previous round or join a friends round. You will be asked to confirm the course you are playing at and then the number of players that you would like to for. At this point you can either invite the other player by using a generated code or inputting their details manually. Once completed press ready and the scorecard will be created.

Scoring a round

Once in the game you navigate through to the hole selection and then your selected starting hole. The hole page gives you the same details as the course guide but with the added extra of inputting your score so it can calculate yours and your fellow players gross, nett and stableford scores.

  1. Using the + and – buttons below each players profile picture and name you can adjust the shots taken on each hole.
  2. By selecting the scorecard button you will get an overview of each players scores for the whole round. With the total scores at the bottom of the page.
  3. Once you have inputted all the players scores select the right arrow to move you onto the next hole.
  4. When you have completed all the holes, by pressing the home button in the top right corner you will be taken back to the course selection page. In the top left corner there is an exit button, here you will be asked to confirm you want to exit the round.
  5. You are able to retrieve the round by going into previous rounds section in the “My Game” menu.

Selecting a course

From time to time you may play a number of courses and want to use the course guide or scoring function at the different clubs.

  1. In the “My Profile” section you can your course. You can select for the country the course is in and scroll through the directory to find the required course.
  2. By selecting a course you will then see a brief overview of the club and have the option to select and download the course.
  3. Once done, when you go back into either the course guide or game function you will have the new course ready to go.
  4. To navigate quickly through courses you have previously viewed and played you can select “My History” to see all your courses.


GPS Range Finder

  • Location services need to be set at either “while using the App or Always”
  • Precise Location switched on

Push Notifications

  • Allow notifications – this will allow you to receive information from the golf clubs regarding offers and latest news.

Mobile Data

  • This is required to be switched on if using the scorecard function